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Each MIZAR ring is normally available in three standard sizes 12/14/16. The most requested size is the 14, which we consider standard. To discover your size take a ring that suits you and measure its diameter by drawing the inner circumference in a sheet. Alternatively, use the table below, being careful to print it correctly. Make sure the printer has the zoom set at 100% and that the table doesn’t adapt to the page, so that the printed table is faithful to the one on the screen. Place the ring on the sheet and move it along the circles until you find the one that perfectly matches the size, then read the corresponding measure.

To compare with rings you already own, we recommend printing our size guide.


For each model OF MIZAR necklaces there are often different length versions so to meet different needs and tastes.
Most necklaces have a length between 42 and 45 cm 2.00 chain extention.
A necklace with a length of 42 cm will place its central element approximately on the collarbones line.
A necklace with a length of 60 cm will rest in the center of the decolleté.
Necklaces up to 80 or 90 cm long will arrive just above the navel.
For special measures send us a request to following mail adress:
The diagram below gives a rough idea of the lengths that will also depend on the height and build of the wearer.

Necklaces Size Guide



Bracelets with box clasp or snap-hook closure have a size which is different for each model and it is indicated in the jewel description, please check it. .All our bracelets are normally cm 18.00 plus cm 2.00 of chain extension to fit all wrists from 16.00 to 18.00 cm. For an optimal comfort, we recommend you to add 2 centimeter to the length of your wrist.
For special measures send us a following mail address:


Bangles are rigid and open bracelets, easily wearable thanks to their elasticity.
To choose your size, measure the circumference of your wrist using a tape measure (or a paper strip and check the size on a ruler).
Check the measurement with the table below.
For an optimal comfort, we recommend you to add a centimeter to the length you obtain.
For special measures send us a following mail address:

Size Guide Bracelets


In some cases only if duly stated in the relevant product sheet, it is possible to have a Mizar jewel customised. Customised products cannot be returned and therefore constitute an exception to the General Conditions for Returns.

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