To preserve the beauty of your Mizar jewel

  • Avoid shocks and friction. As far as possible, we recommend taking into account the activities conducted while wearing a jewel. At the swimming pool, at the sea or, more generally, when practicing sports or physical activity, some movements may affect the metal. Wearing a jewel with or alongside others can cause them to rub against each other, potentially damaging the surface and the colors of the jewel.
  • Soaps, creams and perfumes are difficult to remove and can affect the radiance of gold , gemstones and the colors of the jewels.
  • Cleaning agents may contain corrosive substances that are harmful to gold gemstones and colors of the jewel.
  • Do not expose your jewel to intense heat or sudden changes of temperature as this could permanently damage the colors of the jewel.
  • Any jewel made of gold, gold and diamonds, or gold and precious gemstones should be cleaned using warm water and a brush with soft bristles. Then, dab it dry rather than rubbing it, using a soft, lint-free cloth.